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Wilson Combat SFX9 IWB Mag Pouch Features

Carry with Confidence! The React Undercover is our DEEP concealment IWB mag pouch that is ambidextrous and works as both an AIWB IWB Mag Pouch or an OWB Mag Carrier.  The React Undercover allows for deeper concealment as well as use with Tuckable RCS Overhooks and RCS Strut and soft loop for a truly concealed magazine carry. The React Undercover is the most versatile mag carrier on the market and includes RCS Tuckable Clip and FOMI Clip for complete versatility or a RCS Strut and Soft Loop. Upgrades include DCC Mod 4 Clip, DCC Monoblock, tuckable Grip Hooks and more. Made to fit the Wilson Combat SFX9 magazines for a perfect fit.
  • Made with .080 Kydex for a long lasting and durable holster
  • Adjustable Retention
  • Adjustable Ride Height
  • Ambidextrous Design for Both Right-Handed and Left-Handed Shooters
  • Adjustable Cant for Angled Carry
  • Many Mounting Options
  • Designed to Perfectly Fit Wilson Combat SFX9 Magazines
  • Tactical Edge Treatment for Smooth Satin Edges
  • Quality Craftsmanship Built with Quality Components 
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Proudly Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 151 reviews
Carrier nice, belt clip too large

The Undercover Deep Concealment mag carrier itself works well. It’s the belt clip I have a concern with. It is too thick for what I would call deep concealment. I am planning on picking up a metal belt clip to replace the plastic clip with. I have one for my holster, that looks as if it will work.

Marty S.

Simple and works as it should! Sturdy, stays concealed, comfortable, and stays well on belt! No complaints here

Mathew B.
Favorite mag carrier by far

First off, this thing is well made. The hardware is all good quality. My favorite aspect is definitely the design that places the magazine lower in your beltline. I don't have to worry about printing because the baseplate of my magazine is sticking out a couple inches from my body while my pistol stays tight. There's still plenty of room to get a solid grip on the magazine for reloading. All in all great product. (Sig P365)

Dionisio M.
Mag carrier

a high quality product and the clip is very safe and comfortable

Lawrence R.W.
Glock 43X Shield Arms 15 rd mag carrier

I have several Reactive products and all are high quality products. On this particular carrier the belt clip has been reconfigured from the many others I have in that the hook at the bottom that secures to my belt is inordinately difficult to not only secure on but also to undo and take off my 1 3/4” instructor belt. The quality is great but the new hook embellishment could be a lot better

Ross C.
super pro

light, good looking, adjustable, smooth, keep forgetting I have them on. Love them, bought 3! (green carbon pattern)