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Defender Double Mag Pouch Mag Carrier

The React Defender Double Mag Carrier is our slimline double mag carrier for EZ concealment if needed and to save space on your belt. Our Double Mag Holster lets you take complete control over retention with adjustments at all 4 connection points for an unlimited aount of adjustments to get the retention exactly like you want it, The two-piece design that allows you to be creative with color options by selecting both a front and back color. The React Defender Double Mag Pouch is comfortable, concealable and rugged to last through everyday carry and range time while also being rugged enough for extra mags on duty when paired with a TekLok/ Combat Loop attachment.

Slim Profile Maximizes Belt Space

We designed the Defender OWB Mag Carrier with a slim profile to save space on your belt as well as being able to use a variety of mounts. It can be mounted in a horizontal position as well when used with the Combat Loop or Tek-lok mounts.

Double Mag Pouch for all shooters

Right or Left-Handed

We make the Defender OWB Double Mag Pouches and Mag Carriers in both right-handed and left-handed models with rounds facing forward or Rearward.

Bullets Forward or Rearward Facing

If you prefer rounds facing the rear just order the opposite hand than you shoot with. Example: If you're a right-handed shooter and you want the rounds to face the rear simply order the left handed model.


No universal blocking devices used here. We design our double mag pouches to perfectly fit your magazine. This makes drawing and inserting your magazines easier and allows us to cut down on un-needed weight and bulk.

Adjustable Retention

Complete Control Retention

Take complete control over retention at all four connection points for ultimate retention results. Can be adjusted for a fast draw or tightened securely enough for magazines to stay in place during duty use.

Double Mag Pouch Flared Openings

Flared Openings forEasy Re-Holstering

We flare the openings of our double mag pouches and mag carriers to allow you to easily and smoothly re-holster your magazines.

Double Mag Pouch Belt Mounts

Belt Mounts for Duty, range or competition use

The Defender OWB Double Mag Pouch and Mag Carrier will work with FOMI Clips, DCC Monblocks, and Paddles with a 1.5" hole spacing, or use your Double Mag Pouch for duty and demanding tasks with a Combat Loop, X-Lock, Tek-Loks and Molle attachments.

Tactical Edge Treatment

The Tactical Edge, is a smooth satin finish. Easy to maintain and no flashy high gloss edge to reflect light and draw attention to your weapon.


Proudly made right here in the USA


Built to last with quality components


Only $10 on Orders over $25.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 177 reviews
William H.
Perfect fit!

This is the only company I have found that makes duty mag pouches for the Wilson Combat EDC/SFX9. I asked just to confirm it would fit prior to purchase. Communication was excellent. I’m highly pleased with the mag pouch. It works as it should with no problems. The customer service was excellent.

Joseph R.L.
Works well and looks good

Seems like a solid mag holster for the Shield Plus. Mags are very secure.

Bill R.
M&P CSX Holster

I ordered a dual mag carrier from two other manufactures and had to return them as they did not fit the mags good enough. Each of them didn't hold one of the mags very well. I purchased this holster off a suggestion from one of the guys that worked at the range. This holster has enough adjustability to hold both mags well and allow a smooth pull from the holster. Crisp lines and good quality not to mention shipping within a week.

Mark C.
Sig P320 in ODG CF

solid, built well, cool color, combat loop slaps, super-fast delivery really great deal.

Jonah A.
A+ quality

The quality of these holsters was far better than I expected. I have owned several different brands but not like these. They look terrific and the fit is really good too. The edges are smooth and they’re comfortable too.

Trent W.
Pretty good, now even better

I've been buying this magazine pouch for my guns for about 5 years now. I have seen the quality go from pretty good to excellent. I just received my new holster for the sig Macro and the somehow improved again. The shape of the mounts is slightly different and the finish is even smoother and has more shine. Great job guys! Oh yea, I've seen the price increase over the years too. I'm sure some of it is bidenflation.