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Sig Sauer P365 X-Macro Paddle Holster

The Protector RC-X is a rugged OWB holster that is great for a day at the range or in the field. The Protector RC-X Paddle Holster is a popular choice for open carry and can be worn comfortably in any environment.
This holster IS compatible with red dot sights
  • Includes Your Choice of Color for G-Code Paddle
  • Over 50 Colors to choose from
  • Made with .080 Kydex or Boltaron
  • Adjustable Retention
  • RDS Cut - Red Dot Compatible
  • Straight or FBI Cant Built into the Holster (-5 to 15%  Paddle Holster Only)
  • Flared Opening for Easy Re-holstering
  • Fully Covered and Undercut Trigger Guard
  • Full or Mid-Height Sweat Guard
  • Open Muzzle for Threaded Barrels and Comps
  • Accommodates Suppressor height sights
  • Comfortable and Sturdy
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • OWB Paddle Holsters for Sig Sauer P365 X-Macro

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Rex L.
Holster for Sig P320 with Gas Pedal

It has been hard to find a holster I like for my P320. Most companies do not make one for the Gas Pedal attachment. I found the Reactive holster and liked the design and it looked like high quality in the pictures. I am very happy with my purchase and it took approximately 3-4 weeks to receive. I would buy this again

Jaime R.
Great retention.

Wanted something to carry my Glock 19 while being outdoors either hunting or hiking. This holster fit the bill and was available in a thicker kydex and with a quality name brand paddle. Holster is excellent, my only complaint is it took a month to get here.

Sammy H.
Excellent fitting holster and room for optics

Excellent fit for my P365X Macro with Holosun equipped pistol.. I really like the carbon fiber finish with red on the inside.

Curtis J.
Good holster after cleanup

It took me a bit of cleanup around the edges of the trigger guard indentations, before I could get a positive grab on the pistol. After deburring the whole holster, it grabs nicely on the pistol and is overall a pretty decent holster. If someone doesn't have the knowledge to cleanup things, they may not be as happy with the fit of the holster. I don't regret buying it... it's a nice setup and looks great with the carbon fiber facade.

Matthew O.
Very nice paddle holster. It did take quite a while to receive.

This holster seems to be made very nicely however, it did take quite a while to receive it. I forgot all about it and started looking at other holsters for the same firearm. They could be better at keeping in touch and letting the client know where we are at in the production/shipping process. When it got here I didnt even remember what pistol it was for thats how long it took. Other than that its nice. It could use some padding of some sort on the inside to preserve the coating on the slide.

Philip H.
Buy it

The holster is fantastic. I prefer owb to iwb… I do both but generally owb more comfortable to me. This holster is very very comfortable. I’ve carried a gun for 24 years professionally and off duty… I have dozens of holsters… I usually go with JM custom for concealed carry… they are good holsters but their holsters are expensive, take forever, and their customer service sucks.

This was off the shelf, better that JM custom, and in my mailbox in less than a week… it rules big time. Buy it.