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Glock 43 43X React Titan 2.0 IWB AIWB Kydex Holster with Claw - Black

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Proudly made right here in the USA


Built to last with quality components


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Titan 2.0 IWB/AIWB Kydex Holster Features

The Titan 2.0 Series is a holster designed for the ultimate in comfort and concealability. Features include adjustable retention, adjustable ride height, adjustable cant, optional Concealment claw, open muzzle for threaded barrels, more than 10 different mounting options, and is red dot ready.
  • Made with .080 Kydex for a long lasting and durable holster
  • Adjustable Retention
  • Adjustable Ride Height
  • Adjustable Cant for Angled Carry
  • Red Dot Ready
  • Fully Covered Trigger Guard
  • Includes your choice of more than 10 different mounting options
  • Compatible with Concealment Wing for Improved Concealability 
  • Open Muzzle for Use with Threaded Barrels and comps
  • Comfortable and Concealable
  • Lifetime Guarantee


  • Model Notes:

    M&P Shield 3" will have longer muzzle in order to ensure the holster is more stable and functional when wearing.

  • Sig P365 will have longer muzzle in order to ensure the holster is more stable and functional when wearing.

Holster Features

.080 Kydex

Our holsters are made with authentic, quality components for a holster that will last over time. .080 Kydex is considered the standard in the industry due to its perfect balance of retention and rigidity.

Adjustable Retention

Our products feature adjustable retention that allows you to dial in the desired retention for your shooting style. Retention preference is as varied as shooters themselves, whether it be a day at the range, competition shooting or concealed carry, adjustable retention allows you to set the retention level to your liking and to the demands at hand.

Adjustable Ride Height

The Titan IWB AIWB has multiple mounting positions allowing for a standard and a higher ride holster allowing your choice to get a full grip on the gun.

Adjustable Cant

The carry angle can be mounted straight or canted by approximately 10 to 15 degrees depending on the mounting hardware selected.

Red Dot Ready

The Titan allows for the use of many popular red dot sights by allowing the necessary clearance to fit your favorite red dot sight.

Fully Covered Trigger Guard

We fully cover the trigger guard to prevent anything from getting into the holster and causing an unintentional discharge. 

Choose from Many Mounting Options

We designed the Titan IWB Holster to work with many different mounts to make a more comfortable and versatile holster that can be changed over time by simply switching to a different mount. Standard RCS Spacing allows for the use of RCS, Tough Clips and DCC Hardware as well as adding a concealment wing. We also designed the holster to work with FOMI Quick Clips, Soft Loops and the DCC Monoblock.

Concealment Wing Compatible

Compatible with the concealment wing to improve concealability and reduce printing by pushing against your belt which pulls the butt of the gun towards your body.

Open Muzzle Design

Open muzzle design to allow use with threaded barrels, compensators, or longer guns to be used. Note that some models may not have an open muzzle see item notes above for these models.

Tactical Edge Treatment

Our most popular edge finish, the Tactical Edge, is a smooth satin finish. Easy to maintain and no flashy high gloss edge to reflect light and draw attention to your weapon. 

Quality Craftsmanship

We take pride in our holsters and use state of the art equipment so we can deliver the best holsters to you. Each holster is made by a combination of CNC technology and hand craftsmanship.

Lifetime Warranty

All our Kydex products are backed by a Lifetime Warranty against product failure and manufacture defects. Some exclusion apply

Handcrafted in the USA

Our holsters are Proudly made in America by Americans.

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Ron G.
This is a great holster

Needed a holster for my new P365 Xmacro and looked at many shops. This one caught my eye and even though it was more expensive it didn't disappoint. The quality is some of the best I've seen and the fit is remarkable. Ordered with the standard wide clip and modwing and added some grip clips as well. Both clips seem to wear well. The wide clip is more comfortable but the 2 grip clips are seem to stay in place better. I will be ordering more from you guys. Thanks

Stan E.
Nice holster

Very nice holster, exactly what i was looking for. Seems very well made and fits my M&P 2.0 Metal nicely. Cool packaging too.

Jon G.
P365 Macro perfect fit

I bought this based off of reviews and I liked the design better than most other builders. The holster fits my P365 Macro perfectly. The holster has many adjustments for angle and height and I was able to set it up to ride a little deeper which makes it a lot more comfortable that my two holster that are a different brand. Super happy with my first holster from Reactive but I will be buying more.

Repeat Home Run

This the third or fourth Reactive IWB Kydex holster I've purchased - I'm a repeat customer because of the quality and excellent fit of every one of the holsters I've received. Although the wait for a holster can be 4-6 weeks, this is because each holster is custom-fitted and hand fabricated to fit your particular firearm. Reactive can accommodate any setup, beit rail-mounted light/laser, HWS, suppressor-height sights, etc. I've been concealed carrying with a Reactive Kydex holster for about 2 years - in the Florida heat - and the holster is none the worse for wear. While some leather or leather/Kydex hybrid holsters may initially be more comfortable, the sweat generated by a Florida summer pretty much dictates a full Kydex rig, and Reactive makes about the best in my opinion. Highly recommended, and I will certainly be buying more.

Mark P.
This is the one!

I’ve been on a quest to find the one. You know, the one that feels part of your body. This holster is the one. I appendix carry and always had the uncomfortable feeling when sitting down, working, and performing my everyday duties. This holster has many adjustments and fits me like a glove. I’d recommend this brand. Quality is superb and shipping was as expected for this was custom made. See website for current ETA.

Mike O.
Great holster

Holster fits the Sig P365x Macro perfectly.