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Reactive Concealment Reviews

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XMacro holster in black multicam

The holster fits right and is comfortable. Lots of options to choose from but when I reached out to support they took the time to explain them to me and answered all my question. The people in support are rock stars!

Fantastic product

I’ve been using daily for a few weeks now, and I’m tickled pink! Great product, great quality, great fit, very comfortable and built to my specs and delivered within a couple of weeks. I would highly recommend if your looking to carry an extra magazine.

P365 macro holster

received my holster for the p365 macro yesterday. the gun fits and snaps into place. good craftsmanship. very pleased!

React Defender OWB Double Mag Carrier Mag Holster Mag Pouch

I ordered the React Defender OWB Double Mag Carrier Mag Holster Mag Pouch for a Glock 43X. The pouch is well made, sturdy and has great mag retention.
Price is competitive and turn around time and shipping was great!
Highly recommend this comapny for your 2nd amendment accessory purchases.

nice mag holster

I like the mag holster. fits well and seems quality made.
Only problem I had is the wide clip's holes don't match up on the holster so I can't use it, but I prefer the slim clip anyway.

Thanks for your review. To install the wide clip you will need to install at an angle. Place the first post at the top of the channel and the other post at the bottom of the opposite channel. Install the first screw and start the screw into the post but do not tighten. Then install the opposite screw in the same manner. Once both screws have been started but not tightened you can move the clip into a straight position or to your desired angle. Once in place tighten both screws all the way.

If you have any questions please reach out to us from our contact page.

One of the first accessories I purchased for my new Sig P365XMacro

I own several of these mag holders for my p10c and glocks so when I picked up the new P365 XMacro I had to order one. This is the only double mag carrier that retains both mags securely. I have tried some other brands where the retention does not allow such refinement as to adjust both mags independently. At full run I have no trouble with the mags coming out.


fast delivery with great communication. Product as described.

x-cellent X-Macro holster

Really nice looking holster. Can't wait to start using it. Carbon fiber looks great. Thank you so much.

Double mag for my P320

Ordered two of these and both are high quality. Good design and friendly customer support.

Great fit. Very nice magazine holster!!

Great fit. Very nice magazine holster!! Took approximately 5 days to get.

P365 x macro holster

Took about a month to ship but worth it and these guys/gals were one of the few offering them. Great quality and great fit right out of the box. I'll be ordering several mag carriers for it as soon as additional mags become available from Sig

Glock duty mag holder

This is an excellent mag holder for daily duty use. I have had mine for about three months now and have had zero issues. Mags hold securely after an initial adjusting. The angle of the draw can be adjusted far beyond what you would need and the rotation is smooth. Ordered the 93 Kydex after a suggestion by their chat support Dave who I think is the owner as well. I have recommended these holders to others in the department and know of several who also run these.

Great quality for my P365X Macro

Bought this holster the first week the gun came out. This is a solid holster for the Macro pistol. The fit is on point and clicks in place securely. Color is awesome as is all my Multicam gear. Clips to my belt easily and stays in place. I also ordered the IWB mag carrier to match and even the mag carrier is built well.

Great fit on the P365 XMacro

Great fit and good design

P365 XMacro madness. The gun was the down payment on the accessories

Great seller, product arrived in perfect condition and looks great. I've now spent just as much if not more on the accessories for this gun. Holster, mag carrier, stippling, red dot and I still need to find extra magazines.

Just received for the P365X Macro

Great product, got here faster than I thought it would. Good seller. Thank you.

P365 Macro

Ordered for the new P365 Macro gun and the mags fit. The holster holds the mags firmly not letting them move around yet not being so tight you can't remove them. The holster design and execution are flawless and looks cool. Great work!

Sig Sauer P365 Macro Holster

Received the holster for my new p365 Macro today and the fit is excellent with a click when the gun is inserted. A little bit of a wait to get it but definitely worth the wait. Yours was one of the only company's offering holsters for the new gun when I bought it. Great work!

Ordered for my Shield +

Magazines fit as expected and hold firmly. This holster replaced one that did not hold the mags so well. Great looking holster and better quality than anything else I own.

G19 Black Multicam

Arrived quicker than expected and in good condition. Thanks

Great little holster for the P365

Crisp retention holds pistol greatly. Those other guys, losers, total disasters, ask anybody. Your quality is hugely in comparison. There's only one person who wont like your holster, just Rosie O'donnell.


Holster fits my 43x perfect and is comfortable to use I am really happy my purchase. I like the single clip holster better than the wider clip holsters as they seem more comfortable and are easier to take off. I am constantly getting in and out of my car doing deliveries and with this holster it is comfortable enough to leave on while driving.

Glock 48

Replaced my cheap, flimsy suede holster for this one. Love the design compared to others I've seen and the quality makes it feel way more secure than my floppy old suede-ish holster. Need to order some mag holders next, if you have a coupon that would be most excellent.

Great product and design

ordered for my new P365 380 auto. The holster fits well and is comfortable to wear for a full day even at work. Has that definitive click when holstering and is eazy to pull. It needed a little adjustment when I first got to get it to my liking but it was simple with a screwdriver. The DCC clip is much better than the plastic clip on my Glock 19 holster, it was a good upgrade and worth every penny spent on it. highly recommend this holster

Lightweight an comfortable

This is a quality holster that is lightweight and comfortable. My first holster with a claw/wing and it does help the gun ride closer to the body. I am still going back and forth with using the claw and not using it, trying to figure out which way I prefer it. I tend to move the holster to a different spot on my body depending on what I'm doing. I move it more forward when I'm walking around or going about my day but when I get in the car or sit at work I tend to move it back a few inches and it's easier to move without the claw. I bought a matching mag holder as well and it is also of high quality and holds the magazine firmly. A friend originally told me about your gear but at first I thought your prices were alittle high so I bought one off Ebay. After seeing my friends holster compared to the Ebay one bought, I understood why your holsters cost more. They look better and the fit is second to none. I will be ordering more gear from you in the future. Thanks