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M&P shield plus tlr6 in black carbon fiber

The black carbon fiber looks excellent. Nice work with clean edge work and retention. no regerts

Excellent product. Very happy

Excellent product. Very happy

Cute holster for my new shield plus

The floral pattern is a cute pattern and fits both my style and gun perfectly. Thanks!

Great merchandise and super fast shipping. AAAA+++++

Great merchandise and super fast shipping. AAAA+++++

Quick, smooth buy. Perfect fit and works great. A+++ happy buyer.

Quick, smooth buy. Perfect fit and works great. A+++ happy buyer.

a solid holster with lots of options

I purchased this for my Sig P365 with the monoclip and also purchased two grip hooks. So far it is a toss up on whether I like the monoclip or a single hook. The quality of the build is nice and the holster feels solid. The gun fits as it should and clicks into place.

2nd purchase they make great gear

I'm always a little hesitant to purchase these types of items as in the past with some companies what is pictured is not what is received. I made my first purchase for some pistol mags that came exactly the same as what was pictured, perhaps even better than what was pictured. I was so happy with those holsters I then ordered two of the AR15 mags and again what I received was as good as the pictures. I am very pleased with both of my purchases from Reactive and would recommend them to anyone. I will try to post some pictures of the gear later.

React Defender OWB Double Mag Carrier Mag Holster Mag Pouch - M81 Woodland (Ready2Ship)
Lucas H.

Great holster. Retention is adjustable and quite nice. Holds the magazine snug but still is an easy release. I’m a fan

Fits FN 509. Very nice mag holder! I like how the belt clip works. Thank!

Fits FN 509. Very nice mag holder! I like how the belt clip works. Thank!

Good quality

I bought this to wear when I'm at work. I travel for work and like to have a spare mag on hand. This mag carrier blends in easily and conceals well.


These mags are superb quality and consistently built. I've ordered two sets so far at different times and they are identical to each other. Superb quality and quick shipping. They fit my Glock 43X so well I decided to order more for my M&P Compact which also fit well. A++++

Set of 3

I ordered the Multicam with black back and was pleased to see they sent me all three mag holsters with multicam on front and back. Mag holsters are built well and mags fit without coming out on a full run. Recommended gear for active people.

2 thumbs way up!

This is a holster for my P365XL and the holster fits great. Retention is great. Paddle is great. Hawaiian print is great. Took approximately 2 weeks to ship but is worth waiting for.

Ordered off a suggestion

I emailed and asked several questions and for my situation and gun they suggested the mod 2 with the TAC clip. It is exactly as they described it and it solves the problem I was having with other holsters. This was for my P365 and I was having a problem with my other brands holster single clip and the holster moving around when I wear it. The Tac clip is wider and heavy duty and keeps my gun in place and at the angle I want it at. Thanks for the suggestion and for the quality holster!

Ruger maxx9 magazine

It fits the Ruger maxx9 magazines exactly as needed. Great holster for the money.

I ordered the P365 in multicam black with dual loops

When I get asked if I like my new holster alls I can says is, do a bear shit in the woods? Yur gadamn right!


I received this today and I can't say enough about how impressed I am with it. My pmags both gen 2 and gen 3 fit perfectly and the retention can be adjusted very easily. One of the better looking designs out there and the build quality is excellent. No Regrets!

Direct replacement for my undercover mag holster

I bought this to replace the original clip that came on my undercover magazine holster. The mounting holes are the same but this clip is thicker and tougher than the one I originally received with the holster. If you're wanting a better clip that doesn't flex then this is what you want. Thanks to Dave for suggesting it!

Great design

They went above and beyond on the design of this holster. They cut out all the bulk which makes it more comfortable. Included 2 different clips which actually seem to make the mag fit very differently depending on where on my body I wear it. My mags fit perfectly and I feel confident that they wont come out unless needed. The build quality is fantastic! I will be buying more from this seller and I would recommend this to anyone without reservation.

M&P Shield Plus magazines

Solid mag carrier. Fast shipping. Thank you!!

G43x light combo

I like the way this holster rides close to the body. I purchased this for my Glock 43x streamlight tlr6 combo and it fits great and feels secure. Cold weather should be coming up and I can't wait to start carrying this out of my pants.

Great paddle holster for P365

Bought this for my new P365 for range and open carry. The paddle is solid and keeps the gun where I put it. Retention is good and clicks into place. Edges are clean and shiny. The holster needed a little adjustment when I got it. I like a little more retention than it was set. Easily done and added locktite at the same time to keep the screws in place. I'd recommend this product to anyone looking for open carry or range days.

Rock solid

The holster is rock solid with a variable retention settings.

great job

Great holster, very comfortable and concealable. Perfect for plain clothes work.