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We carry a full line of M&P 9, M&P 40, M&P Compact, M&P Shield, M&P Shield Plus mag carriers, mag pouches, mag holders and magazine holsters for almost every M&P Model.  Our M&P 9, M&P Shield and M&P shield Plus mag carriers, M&P mag pouches and M&P Shield Plus magazine holsters are made from quality components and go through a proven process to ensure every mag carrier, mag pouch, mag holder and magazine holster is a reliable holster built to last a lifetime. We have magazine holsters for the M&P 9, M&P 40, M&P Compact, M&P Shield, M&P Shield Plus models. Try our popular M&P 9, M&P 9c and Shield + Double Mag Carrier, M&P IWB Mag Carrier, M&P shield Plus Double Mag Pouch and Shield Plus IWB Mag Holders.

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