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React RC-P Pancake OWB Holster for M&P Gen 2 4" with Surefire XC1 XC1-B Light - Black - Ready2Ship

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Proudly made right here in the USA


Built to last with quality components


Only $10 on Orders over $25.

RC-P Pancake OWB Holster Features

The React RC-P is our newest holster in our line-up offering a rugged 2 piece holster designed for tough applications.
We start with a CNC mold designed with adjustable retention and a loud audible click when holstering for a consistent and secure hold. FBI canted for comfort when drawing. Built in America using .080 Kydex or Boltaron for a lightweight and field tested durable holster that is comfortable and secure. Red Dot compatible for use with your favorite sight and most suppressor sights. Your choice of both front and back colors as well as full or mid-height sweat guards.
  • Includes your choice of OWB Hardware
  • Over 30 Colors to choose from
  • Made with .080 Kydex or Boltaron
  • Adjustable Retention
  • Red Dot Compatible
  • FBI Cant for Ease of Draw
  • Flared Opening for Easy Re-holstering
  • Fully Covered Trigger Guard
  • Full or Mid-Height Sweat Guard
  • Comfortable and Sturdy
  • Lifetime Guarantee


Holster Features

.080 Kydex

Our holsters are made with authentic, quality components for a holster that will last over time. .080 Kydex is considered the standard in the industry due to its perfect balance of retention and rigidity.

Adjustable Retention

Our products feature adjustable retention that allows you to dial in the desired retention for your shooting style. Retention preference is as varied as shooters themselves, whether it be a day at the range, competition shooting or concealed carry, adjustable retention allows you to set the retention level to your liking and to the demands at hand.

Red Dot Compatible

Designed for the use of many popular red dot optics and suppressor height sights by allowing the necessary clearance to fit your favorite red dot sight.

Flared Opening for Easy Re-Holstering

We flare the opening of the holster to allow you to easily and smoothly re-holster your gun.

FBI Cant

FBI forward cant to allow for a more comfortable and faster draw. 

Fully Covered Trigger Guard

We fully cover the trigger guard to prevent anything from getting into the holster and causing an unintentional discharge.

Sweat Guard

Your choice of a full or mid-height sweat guard to minimize the guns contact with your body.

Tactical Edge Treatment

Our most popular edge finish, the Tactical Edge, is a smooth satin finish. Easy to maintain and no flashy high gloss edge to reflect light and draw attention to your weapon. Glossy finish available upon request.

Quality Craftsmanship

We take pride in our holsters and use state of the art equipment so we can deliver the best holsters to you. Each holster is made by a combination of CNC technology and hand craftsmanship.

Lifetime Warranty

All our Kydex products are backed by a Lifetime Warranty against product failure and manufacture defects. Some exclusion apply

Handcrafted in the USA

Our holsters are Proudly made in America by Americans.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Tarek B.
Great craftmanship

I was impressed by the quality of these holsters. I own two reactive concealment holsters and like both very much.

Highly recommend

William M.
Bought for my XMACRO

Holster quality...check, excellent fit...check, fast shipping...ehhh. This is a great holster. The quality and fit are the best I've ever purchased. Build time about 6 weeks. I understood this was going to be a long build time as I ordered when the XMACRO first came out. I was just hoping it would be quicker but I was told it would be approx 6 weeks. Regardless, its a quality worth waiting for.

Skyler W.
Fits my Glock 43x nice and snug

I liked that Reactive Concealment carried so many colors and allowed for a two color holster. The holster is good quality and fits my Glock 43x nice and snug.

Jacob L.
Completely satisfied

Very nice holster completely satisfied with the quality and attention to detail that went into this Holster. Thank you

Scarlet J.
Glock 43x

Fits the 43x like a glove or a holster actually. Good value for the money and the fit is good.

Trent O.
M&P shield plus tlr6 in black carbon fiber

The black carbon fiber looks excellent. Nice work with clean edge work and retention. no regerts